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Light Up Your GIVI Case and Be Seen!

We’re pleased to introduce a new product line that those of you with select GIVI cases will surely appreciate. HelmetHead Cycle Gear™ now carries AdMore Lighting products.

The founders of AdMore Lighting have been riding with GIVI cases since the mid 90’s and have traveled across North America using them. Their first cases were the E360 saddlebags and they often felt that they should include an integrated lighting kit.

In early 2005, their first LED lighting kit was launched specifically for the E360 case. Since then, they have launched numerous other kits specifically designed for other GIVI cases.

AdMore Lighting’s innovative LED light kits are easy to install and significantly enhance your visibility on the road and the good looks of your hard-shelled cases.

Each light kit is assembled at their small assembly facility in Calgary, Alberta. They are manufactured with the highest quality components that enhance the safety and appearance of every motorcycle equipped with GIVI cases.

No Age Limit Piaggio MP3 Lincoln Highway Ride

Dr. Bernie ‘Buddy’ Rosenbaum (71) and Robert Chase (72) are two lifelong friends who have been chasing adventure – usually on motorcycles – for many decades. This summer, they’re rolling away on one of America’s historic cross-country roads, the Lincoln Highway, stretching almost 3400 miles from San Francisco to New York’s Times Square on the “latest in alternative transportation” – the three-wheel Piaggio MP3 500 Scooter.


Save Money, Resources and Our Planet!

With gas prices averaging over $4.00 per gallon in the U.S. it may be time to rethink your primary method of commuter transportation. The current consensus is that "it’s time to save our money, our resources and our planet". You can help do your part by riding your motorcycle or scooter whenever you can. Not only will you be saving money at the pump, but you’ll also pollute less.

A lot of scooters get 80+ miles per gallon; Motorcycles averaging 45 – 70 mpg. Compare that to 20 – 35 mpg for the average car. They require less insurance and have low maintenance costs. They are especially easy to maneuver in traffic and in some cases, can save time.


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