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Dating with Match.com

It's called online dating, but if you really think about it, sites like Match.com are more of an introduction service. They get your foot in the door and introduces you to thousands of singles in your area. What happens from there is really up to you. Millions of people use dating services each year to find dates, but there are also many people who don't find much success using this avenue for finding love. In this article I will discuss some tactics you can use to maximize your odds when using services like Match.com.


If there is one thing that is more important than anything else in online dating, it's your profile. Too many people however breeze through the profile and do not give it an adequate amount of attention. I suggest spending at least an hour on your profile, and showing it to other people so you can get feedback. If you have any friends who have successfully dated online, by all means, you should show them your profile and try to get some constructive feedback.

Second, you must post the best pictures possible. I see many people post pictures that were taken on cell phones. Instead of cobbling together some random photos, you should take the time to take photos that look as professional as possible. Also, we live in the multimedia age so don't settle for one or two photos. I suggest gathering a half dozen photos as a minimum, and try to make them all different. The ideal photo should also be a conversation starter.

Last but not least, when you contact other people on Match.com, make your message a thoughtful one. If you haven't read someone's profile, then don't bother messaging because your message will sound generic and you likely won't get a response anyway.

These are just some basic tips for increasing your odds of success when it comes to online dating. For more tips, read articles on the web or buy a book or two that deals with how to get results with online dating.

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